St Patrick's Campaign
Planned Church Expansion
Quite simply our church building in its current configuration is inadequate for the needs of today and is not positioned to meet the needs of our parish community in the future. We must prepare for a time when there will be fewer priests and therefore anticipate the need to house more of the faithful at fewer Masses. Most importantly, like our ancestors in faith, we must envision a growing, even more active parish community as we continue into our second century.

St. Patrick's Church expansion will
•Preserve the sacredness and beauty of our current worship space
•Retain the architectural style of the present church
•Double the current seating capacity from 300 to 600
•Provide an accessible choir area
•Create a new gathering space connecting the church and parish center
•Provide a lower level with additional meeting space
•Create a new entry plaza for the church and parish center
•Include features that will make our parish more welcoming and accessible (family room in the church for parents with young children, elevator, convenient restrooms)

With your support we are now embarking on a campaign which will address our most critical needs not only for us, but for the generations that follow. Through a deep seated belief in our faith, personal sacrifice, and hard work the first parishioners of St. Patrick built a church that has been the spiritual home for many generations. With God's help and your support, St. Patrick's Catholic Church will continue to thrive in the years ahead.

Imagine the foresight and courage of the 40 families who built St. Patrick's Church in 1901-1903. This worship space has blessed us for 100+ years. Now is the time, not only to follow, but to lead.

Fr. George Remm
Pastor 1986-2004
Honorary Campaign Chair